Reggae Reincarnated: 20 Alternatives to the Classic Bob Marley Poster Tuesday 05 November, 2013

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Art can lead so many interconnected and parallel lives. I once heard someone say there is no difference between the sounds musicians make with their instruments and the movements dancers make with their bodies. The dance is just the music in another form, dance is music incarnate and both give life to each other. No […]


Art can lead so many interconnected and parallel lives. I once heard someone say there is no difference between the sounds musicians make with their instruments and the movements dancers make with their bodies. The dance is just the music in another form, dance is music incarnate and both give life to each other.

No other art contest captures the beauty of music’s many inspirations like International Reggae Poster Contest (IRPC). Since it’s launch in 2012, IRPC has received more than 2,000 submissions, from over 90 countries. This poster art isn’t just the artists’ creations, but reggae in another form; Reggae’s visual incarnate. It’s like IRPC artists are Reggae devotees come to set the visual life of Reggae free.

Given IRPC’s mission, each poster not only gives new life to Reggae, but says something about what that life means. Every poster is a testament to the IRPC mission of, “celebrating Reggae’s positive impact around the world,” and bringing a new cultural beacon to Kingston, Jamaica in the form of a Reggae Hall of Fame. Proceeds from IRPC’s travelling “World-A-Reggae Exhibition” benefit the historic Alpha Boys’ School of Kingston, Jamaica, which has provided music education to underserved children for more than 100 years. Alpha Boys’ School is often called the “Cradle of Reggae” because without it, Reggae may never have existed.

An accomplished panel of jurors, including Luba Lukova and Yossi Lemel, have curated the top entries. While many followers outside of Jamaica may journey into Reggae through Bob Marley, IRPC artists understand and appreciate the music’s diversity. Some posters show Bob Marley in new way as with the 2013 winner, Balazs Pazkodi from the United Kingdom. Many others think completely outside the Marley box, representing Reggae’s other legends and spiritual and political themes of the music.

As IRPC continues to grow in popularity, Reggae will lead millions more lives around the world in poster format, bringing new energy to whatever space they inhabit. The World-A-Reggae Exhibition is now on display at the Embassy of Jamaica in Washington, DC at 1520 New Hampshire Avenue, NW through December 20th.

The top artists from 2012 and 2013 touch upon several themes, but some of our favorite visual incarnates represented freedom, legends, lions and Alpha Boys’ School.


Rosario Nocera, 3rd Place 2012

Andrew Cachia, 2nd Place 2013


Michelle Chung, 7th Place, 2013


Maria Papaefstathiou, IRPC Co-founder contribution, 2013



Balazs Pakozdi, 1ST Place 2013
United Kingdom


François Niocel, 42nd Place, 2013

Lior Hamudot, 13th Place, 2013


Alon Braier, 1st Place, 2012

Tomasz Bartz, 4th Place, 2012  


Taj Francis, 5th Place, 2012


Dane Thompson, Special Contest Contributor, 2012


Charis Tsevis, Juror Contribution, 2013

Miguel Cachia, 14th Place, 2012

Gamma Jam Jam, 19th Place, 2012

Corine Campbell, 37th Place, 2012
United States

Chema Skandal, 82nd Place, 2012
United States


Lee Natsuhide, 25th Place, 2013

Piret Alvre, 82nd Place, 2013

Alexis Tapia, 100th Place, 2012

Alpha Boys’ School

Contributed by IRPC juror, Luba Lukova 2012

Contributed by IRPC Founder, Michael Thompson

See more posters at Live Unchained’s “Reggae Around the World in Posters” pinterest page.

Learn more about Reggae’s foundation and reach through CleverSQ’s “Reggae Resource Guide.”

Written by Kathryn Buford

Title and concept by Kristen Nicole and Kathryn Buford
















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