Happy Black Girl Day! Wednesday 10 March, 2010

Today is UNIVERSAL Happy Black Girl Day! Founder Sister Toldja says: “National is not big enough. International is for chumps. We are interplanetary, baby.” We want to thank the Beautiful Struggler, herself, for naming this wonderful day. Of course, we do not need a holiday to celebrate ourselves. But, just like that special someone’s birthday, […]


Today is UNIVERSAL Happy Black Girl Day! Founder Sister Toldja says: “National is not big enough. International is for chumps. We are interplanetary, baby.”

We want to thank the Beautiful Struggler, herself, for naming this wonderful day. Of course, we do not need a holiday to celebrate ourselves. But, just like that special someone’s birthday, it’s nice to have a set time when you know that no matter what is going on, you will celebrate her for all that she is and has become. This is why we are happy to celebrate Happy Black Girl Day.

For those of you who are uncomfortable with the idea of Happy Black Girl Day, Sister Toldja has a message just for you:

“Cry me a river. Go to said river, fill up a pail and water some flowers. Pick said flowers and bring them to me on Happy Black Girl Day and maybe, just maybe, I will care about your whining.”

So, today is a day for connecting with the little girl inside who likes to eat ice cream in the back seat, makes abstract art in bold colors and dances and sings with confidence because she lets the music take over her.

Our wish for all the little girls, as well as the female veterans of girlhood, on Happy Black Girl Day is that you love your dreams unconditionally–cherish and protect them like you would a little girl.

I leave you with the most inspiring girl I know; my little sister Chloe. Every time I see this video I smile.

How will you celebrate?…



  • Rana says:

    Stopping by from the HBGD celebration! Your little sister is adorable. Keep twirlin girl!!!

  • Samanta says:

    I think the issues with siasts complimenting one another are myriad. As just a scratch of the surface, I think it is safe to say we are not comfortable with ourselves (case in point, the “good” hair conversations that run rampant in our everyday commentaries. Ugh!). It is sad and unfortunate but in our homes and communities, we generally lack positive reinforcements or examples of people being vulnerable but secure enough to share their hearts and feelings; we are taught (yes, taught) and opt instead to accentuate the negative (more often than not). While this is very much generalized of the black community and not “one-size-fits-all”, if I were a betting person, I might bet it is a “one-size-fits-most” – especially concerning our young ladies. Well…now that I think of it, it covers the young men too. When was the last time you saw a young black mother praising and encouraging her black son (I mean outside of the football field or basketball court?). Think about it.The most insulting issue of all is that on the whole, the society in which we live is so OVERLY sexualized that every gesture or word is considered a means to the bedroom. Additionally, as a race of people who have overtly been anti-gay for eons (seemingly), it feels as though we have to qualify whether we are “into” you or just being kind. Unfortunately the quintessence of being kind has been subverted and is now just a means to the bedroom. Really. I mean think about it, when someone genuinely compliments your appearance, your body, your style, don’t you somewhere in the back of your mind wonder, “Hmm”? Personally I don’t. I couldn’t care less about such things. I know who I am, I know what I’m founded upon, and I stand firmly on it – male or female from whence the comments flow requires no disclaimer. As a beautiful and shapely race of women we need to step it up! Be willing to encourage one another. Let us love each other in such a way that genuine is always what we are. It is what the Lord has called us to be. Because of our, how shall I say, assets (read: figures), sometimes in our growing years we don’t get the kind of attention our hearts desire and so we succumb to the negative, sex crazed attention society gives us. We accept that as the norm. But we must not allow this to be our standard! If so, our whole lives will be spent waiting on mom, dad, friend, men (most times just boys) to validate us. We will NEVER have the capacity to validate, compliment, admire, encourage, uplift, or inspire another being – especially another sista. Stop the madness!We don’t need to walk around with T-shirts that say, “I’m comfortable with myself, so if I compliment you don’t worry, I’m not gay!” We just need to walk with confidence, walk boldly with the Lord, live the inspiring lives He has purposed us to live, and the rest will be well. No disclaimer required.

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