Farewell from Live Unchained Tuesday 21 April, 2015

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I will keep this message short and sweet – not because I don’t like goodbyes, but because I don’t believe in them. “At the Heart of Me” by Live Unchained featured artist, Paul Sika I have a friend that says, “all who are meant to meet, will meet again.” This expression means a lot to […]


I will keep this message short and sweet – not because I don’t like goodbyes, but because I don’t believe in them.

“At the Heart of Me” by Live Unchained featured artist, Paul Sika

I have a friend that says, “all who are meant to meet, will meet again.” This expression means a lot to me now because the joy of Live Unchained was the meeting of the minds. I’m humbled that our plot of cyberspace welcomed such a diverse, brilliant and inspiring group of group of artists, activists, thought leaders and entrepreneurs. From intimate interviews with South African fashion designers, Ivorian photographers, Kenyan political activists and the first African American woman to win Best Director at Sundance Film Festival, who also went on to direct “Selma,” I’m proud to say we were a meeting ground for greatness.

“The Unconscious Struggle” by Live Unchained featured artist, Peju Alatise

After 6 years of maintaining the blog and hosting creative events, it feels time to close this chapter for Live Unchained. Still, I know we’ll keep connecting and, I’ll personally continue to support initiatives to bring these creative, rebel kindred spirits together.

“Thought Pattern” by Live Unchained and “Pendulum” featured artist, Taj Francis

The last blog post, “Pendulum: Diasporan Artists Explore Identity, Power and Fantasy,” was developed in partnership with ART: Jamaica, which is a blog that grew out of the PBS ART: 21 project. A wonderful artist, curator and friend, Oneika Russell invited me to co-curate this virtual exhibition in response to Jamaica’s exclusive biennial. The exhibition is inspired by everything I learned from speaking with more than 100 artists from over 16 countries since my friend Miriam Moore and I founded Live Unchained in 2009.

“Untitled” by Live Unchained featured artist, Dawn Okoro

Our site, www.liveunchained.com, will remain live as an archived site.

“Untitled” by Live Unchained featured artist, Michelle Robinson

In the meantime, if you’d like more creative content, here are some arts and culture sites that have inspired us.
>>  African Digital Art is my favorite site for discovering new art – not only African art – art, period: http://africandigitalart.com/
>>  Afri-love is an inspiring blog on fashion, culture and entrepreneurship. The target audience includes lovers of all things Afroploitan:  www.afri-love.com
>>  MsAfropolitan is the first site I recommend to anyone interested in learning more about black and African feminism. Patricia Hill-Collins, my adviser and the author of Black Feminist Thought once told me how misguided it is to think of black feminism as an outgrowth of white feminism as opposed to the black power movement. Minna Salami, founder of MsAfropolitan shows that there’s so much more to what feminism means to people of color. Plus, she knows how to use the right amount of humor and tell-it-like-it-is language to make her point:  www.msafropolitan.com

>>  ART: Jamaica is a beautifully curated blog about Jamaican art and culture: www.artjamaica.blogspot.com
>>  Parallel Film Collective celebrates independent filmmakers around the world and works in partnership with African American Film Festival Releasing Movement (AFFRM), founded by Ava DuVernay: www.parallelfilmcollective.org
“Indi” by Live Unchained featured artist, Delphine DialloThere is so much to be grateful for — everyone we met and all the unique content, ideas and events we developed. Minds were expanded and souls tingled. So, I guess that’s why goodbye doesn’t feel bittersweet at all — it’s all 100% grade A maple syrup.

Live body painting by Live Unchained featured artist, Shantell Martin – photo by Live Unchained featured artist, Kameelah Rasheed

This initiative has been more than a blog to me and the team. Live Unchained is a mission, a mantra and a way of life. I loved asking women: “What does living unchained mean to you?” (My second favorite question to ask is still: “If you could make love to anyone from history, who would it be?”). After all those interviews, I think my personal definition dovetails with all of theirs: Living unchained means having nothing to prove and nothing to hide.

“Untitled” by Live Unchained featured artist, Jepchumba

I wish you all the best on your creative journey.

All my love,

Kathryn Buford



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