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Friday 31 October, 2014

How words can heal you: Alex Elle on writing and finding herself

For some, writing comes naturally. Not just any writing, good writing. The writing others read and are moved by. The writing that acts like a mirror for people’s complicated hearts, complicated lives, offering both solace and illumination. These craftsmen and women are always asked about the source of their genius: How did you get to […]

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Wednesday 17 April, 2013

You Helped Start Something “Terrifying, Strange & Beautiful”…

Hello Live Unchained world! I’m Kristen, Live Unchained’s Chief Technology Officer. I’m writing to thank you on behalf of the entire Live Unchained team for supporting our crowdfunding campaign with Warsan Shire. While we didn’t reach our financial milestone for the campaign, we learned a great deal along the way, and had a great time […]

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Thursday 07 February, 2013

The Power of Digital Sisterhood | 30 Days Unchained: Day 29

30 Days Unchained/#30Unchained | Day 28 2/6/13 | Inspiration: The Women of Live Unchained Kathryn Buford (Chief Visionary Officer), Jess Solomon (Connectivity Director), Sam Vernon (Outreach Director), Nesrien Hamid (Multimedia Journalism Intern) [Not pictured (but there in spirit): Kristen Nicole (Chief Technology Officer), Jaimee Todd (Legal Advisor), Kathy Chamberlain (Operations Advisor), Alison McNeil (Business Advisor), […]