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Friday 31 October, 2014

How words can heal you: Alex Elle on writing and finding herself

For some, writing comes naturally. Not just any writing, good writing. The writing others read and are moved by. The writing that acts like a mirror for people’s complicated hearts, complicated lives, offering both solace and illumination. These craftsmen and women are always asked about the source of their genius: How did you get to […]

Wednesday 04 June, 2014

30 Women Creators We Love Part III #30WCR8

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the beautiful work created by some of our favorite women creators. Today our friends at The Nu Black continue with 5 more women artists they love. See three amazing women below and view their full selection here. Although we chose 30 this is by no means a definitive list, but a […]

Carolyn Cooper Timeline Header
Wednesday 20 March, 2013

Soundtrack of Survival: Dr. Carolyn Cooper Discusses Global Reggae & Jamaican Feminism

Maps lie; if they told the truth, the drawings would reflect Jamaica’s greatness. Noted Jamaican poet and cultural activist, Louise Bennett, called out the problem of Western cartography when she wrote: “Worl-map fi stop draw Jamaica small!…For de lickle speck cyaan show we independantness at all!” Building on Bennett’s critique, Dr. Carolyn Cooper‘s most recent […]

J'Nell Jordan Timeline Cover
Tuesday 05 March, 2013

Be Terrifying Anyway: J’Nell Jordan on Power, Integrity and the Freedom to be Awkward [VIDEO]

My conversation with J’Nell Jordan reminded me that a woman should never have to hide her power just to make others feel comfortable. J’Nell is the talented painter who contributed an original print of Warsan Shire to our “Terrifying, Strange & Beautiful” crowdfunding campaign. She believes in simply doing what you were meant to do, […]

Art Postcard Banner
Tuesday 12 February, 2013

Inspired by The Poetry of Warsan Shire, Design Students Launch Art Campaign

When a poem is visualized, you can relate to it in new ways. We’re happy to have the support of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Graphic Design department in our “Terrifying, Strange & Beautiful” crowdfunding campaign at www.indigegogo.com/liveunchained. Graphic Design students read several poems by Warsan Shire and created artwork based on the lines […]

london featured image header
Saturday 19 January, 2013

London Bridgez: Breaking Barriers | 30 Days Unchained : Day 10

30 Days Unchained/#30unchained | Day 10 – 1/19/13 | Inspiration: London Bridgez Part poet, part MC, part lyricist, London Bridgez makes art that crosses musical boundaries. Her live performances incorporate spoken word, literature, hip hop and live music. London explains: “In my art I attempt to bridge music and poetry. I believe that if you look at […]

Tuesday 21 August, 2012

At The Edge of Your Seat: How Lenelle Moïse Takes a Poet’s Approach to Playwriting

Eyes wide, spines straight, brows furrowed. Poet, playwright, and performance artist Lenelle Moïse enjoys when the audience is at the “edge of their seats.” Whether she’s bonding with the audience in her autobiographical one-woman show Womb Words, Thirsting or exploring the friendship of platonic soulmates in Expatriate, this 2012 Ruby Prize winner models openness, curiosity, […]

Monday 18 June, 2012

“Queendom”: A Pan-African/Norwegian Arts Collective, A Sisterhood, A Mindset

Editress’ Note: I decided to get a little off-the-chain with this introduction to our Queendom interview. I invited one of the most inspiring and unchained cultural workers, I know, Jess Solomon, to write the intro as a siren song to women of African descent around the world making collaborative artwork like the Pan-African Norway-based music […]

Tuesday 24 May, 2011

Ain HD: Write to the Core

Born in Cashville, raised in Motown, resting in Black Hollywood, Ain HD (Ain Heath Drew) considers herself a writer with a passion for “poetry, African-American literature, children’s stories, music, revolution, experimental fiction, thrift store hopping, and all things artsy”–not to mention tattoo collecting. Ain has been featured in PoetTree Magazine and the Kankazine. Her work […]

Wednesday 06 October, 2010


We had a lot of fun with our last pot-luck poem and, to our surprise, Maria Shriver (who turns out to be a poetry fanatic) even posted a link to our video on her Twitter page and called it “powerful.” Some of you wanted us to organize this again, so the virtual poetry is back! Add […]