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Tuesday 22 January, 2013

Beautifully Absurd: Nina Chanel Abney | 30 Days Unchained : Day 13

30 Days Unchained/#30unchained | Day 13 – 1/22/13 | Inspiration: Nina Chanel Abney Playfully sinister and visually complex Nina Chanel Abney masters the art of duality in her large-scale paintings. On the one hand, her art is inviting and energetic, with bright colors and cartoon-like figures. However, when you look closer, you realize some of […]

Monday 28 November, 2011

Sharing “The Gift”: Delphine Diallo’s Vision for Art of the 21st Century

Guest Post by Delphine Diallo Hello Live Unchained world; I’m writing to share The Gift with you. The Gift, my latest work, is an art book that brings together pieces from my work and, most importantly, carries the message about the ‘gift’ of art and artistic vision. My goal was to create a new voice […]

Monday 18 July, 2011

On It’s Own Terms: Oneika Russell Discusses Modern and Jamaican Art

I like visually pleasing art that I can see hanging on my living room or bedroom walls. Yet, more and more, I’m growing to appreciate modern and conceptual artists who create work that isn’t necessarily beautiful in it’s presentation, but beautiful in it’s truth and purpose. Kara Walker’s silhouettes of an infant being stabbed and […]