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Thursday 24 January, 2013

Art of a Woman: Jaimee Todd | 30 Days Unchained : Day 15

30 Days Unchained/#30unchained | Day 15 – 1/23/13 | Inspiration: Jaimee Todd As a self-taught painter and photographer, Jaimee Todd  has learned how to transfer the range of her emotions, into colorful art. Jaimee’s influences, which include the abstract realism of Georgia O’Keeffe and pan-African and Native American aesthetics, translate into an artform that is completely her […]

Monday 28 May, 2012

These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New

There is no city like New York. The people, energy and opportunities, all intersect in a unique way there. For artist like Jaime Todd, there is something special about people’s common and spontaneous interactions as well as the urban landscape of the city.  From an unusual pink sky that shines through train windows to a […]

Thursday 03 November, 2011

Color Junkie: The Art of Jaimee Todd

A self-proclaimed “color junkie,” Jaime Todd‘s work is  bright, lively and, just makes you feel good. In fact, many have described her paintings and inkblots as therapeutic. Jaimee brings her creative sunshine to artistic venues across New York including the New York Mercantile Exchange, St. Francis College, Climate Gallery and Broadway Suites, LLC. I wondered […]