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Thursday 25 September, 2014

Afropolitan furniture: When Spanish antiques get an African identity and feminine touch

What does a chemist and a television journalist have to with furniture design? At Live Unchained, we love people who forge novel paths, especially when these paths are not only new because of what they create, but also when they’re untried career and artistic trajectories in the lives of the people who tread them. It […]

Monday 15 September, 2014

Ingrid Lafleur on Art and Pleasure

A native of Detroit and a family of artists, Ingrid Lafleur is a dedicated creative whose work is intent on bringing art to the “masses.” An art curator, hosting shows and exhibitions in cities as far-flung as Paris and Johannesburg, Lafleur wants to make visual art accessible, as ubiquitous “as music or fashion.” Her art […]

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Friday 01 February, 2013

Kesha Bruce on Facing Your Fear | 30 Days Unchained: Day 23

30 Days Unchained/#30Unchained | Day 23 2/1/13 | Inspiration: Kesha Bruce Often art and business are posited as polar opposites; the two even supposedly reside on different regions in our brain, art on the right, business on the left. But Kesha Bruce exists to prove all of us wrong. A painter and a collage artist, […]

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Friday 18 January, 2013

Doing Fearlessly: Nomsa Mazwai | 30 Days Unchained : Day 9

30 Days Unchained/#30unchained | Day 9 – 1/18/13 | Inspiration: Nomsa Mazwai Original and deliriously contagious, the joyful rhythms of Nomsa Mazwai have the capacity to change both hearts and minds. As a musician and activist, that is exactly what Nomsa sets out to do with her art. Speaking of her life’s meaning, Nomsa tells […]

Helping Hand
Wednesday 19 December, 2012

Mentorpreneurship in the Arts: Why reinvent the wheel? Roll with it. [VIDEO]

“Is there a glass ceiling for women of color in the arts?…And, either way, does it matter?” This question kicked off the first installment of the Women of Color in the Arts Creative Conversations series: For Colored Girls who Broke the Glass Ceiling when the Ladder Wasn’t Enuf. An engaging and thoughtful panel made up […]

Wednesday 21 November, 2012

For Colored Girls who Broke the Glass Ceiling when a Ladder Was Not Enuf

Editress’ Note: Live Unchained is proud to support Women of Color in the Arts (WOCA) in celebrating National Arts & Humanities month this December. In this post, co-founder Alison McNeil shares what you can expect from WOCA’s first “Creative Conversation” explores the importance of mentorship and entrepreneurship in breaking through plateaus in artistic growth. We’ll […]

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Wednesday 24 October, 2012

Black Girl Brilliance is the Norm

I’ve made a conscious choice to consume media from outlets that nourish, validate and inspire me to think, dream and do. And because of that I have a constant news feed of black girl luminaries who are making history in print, scholarship, film, theatre; some of whom I know personally or am a few degrees […]

Monday 12 December, 2011

Without Approval, Applause or Understanding: What Your Vote Means to Me

I’m proud to tell our loyal, encouraging and artsy readers that Live Unchained recently won a fellowship to participate in a media entrepreneurship boot-camp with Unity Journalists of Color in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now begins the second phase of the program, a competition for $10,000 in seed money. We would be eternally grateful for your […]

Monday 29 August, 2011

The Good Life According to Design: A Talk with Digital Artist and Creator of Bon Bon Vie, Shari Neal

Shari Neal is making the big leap, and her art is moving her forward. A front-end web developer at an advertising agency, she recently resigned to run her graphic t-shirt company, Bon Bon Vie, full time. Shari is a “self-proclaimed t-shirt addict, web developer and sometimes art director/designer … after she realized that she could […]

Monday 01 August, 2011

The “Work” in Artwork: Kesha Bruce on Entrepreneurial Artistry

Building an artistic career is not just about conquering your inner-critic, releasing your inhibitions and allowing the expression to come forth; we also need to hone our craft and develop our brand. So, for some of us, accepting this process means relaxing away from the idea that business-like thought, action or strategy makes our art […]