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Bob Marley and Esther Anderson.© Esther Anderson 1973
Thursday 09 January, 2014

The Legend Behind the Legend: Esther Anderson on Reggae, Rebellion & Marley

It’s never the same when you just read about some point in time, do the research, dissect the field notes, try to extract meaning from the inanimate and past. Nothing compares to speaking directly to someone who lived it, knows it, was one of the architects of this moment of interest. Their creativity and foresight […]

Thursday 30 June, 2011

Dark Women Awaken

Guest post by Freya Mórani Links of videos and other online content pass like roaring forest fires via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. I myself noticed that the Dark Girls preview, a film by Bill Duke & D. Channsin Berry, was constantly showing up in my Facebook feed. The film reports to delve […]