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Thursday 17 July, 2014

Moving Forward: Peju Alatise on Art, Nigeria, and Responsibility #BringBackOurGirls

The story makes the headlines; the people pay attention-they tweet and share and spread the hashtags. Interest wanes, attention’s diverted. The story dies out. But it doesn’t. To the people involved, it doesn’t. On April 15th of this year, Boko Haram, an alleged* terrorist organization in northern Nigeria, kidnapped 230 girls from the Chibok Government Secondary […]

Thursday 16 June, 2011

20th Annual Day of the African Child

Today is the 20th annual Day of the African child*. This day, I reflected on two girls’ photos; one from Senegal, one from South Africa. I will always surrender to beauty. That’s why this image of Indi, a child photographer Delphine Diallo met during a visit to Senegal, has intrigued me for so long. Indi is […]