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Wednesday 06 February, 2013

Kristen Nicole Tells Artists to Dream in Digital | 30 Days Unchained: Day 28

30 Days Unchained/#30Unchained | Day 28 2/6/13 | Inspiration: Kristen Nicole An influential voice on technology, social media and all things “Big Data,” Kristen Nicole wants women of color to see just how powerful the Internet can be in building your brand, network and dreams. In our interview, she also discusses why we are only […]

Tuesday 23 August, 2011

New Technology, New Artistic Opportunities: Bring Live Unchained to SXSW!

We’re teaming up with two community minded tech experts, Kristen Nicole and Wayne Sutton, to discuss the importance of black women’s representation in the on- and offline art world and propose new technology for connecting the international black arts community. We want to bring our panel “Art, Technology and Representation: Empowering Women of the African […]