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Tuesday 03 June, 2014

30 Women Creators We Love Part II #30WCR8

Yesterday we introduced you to the first 5 of 30 women creators we love. In partnership with The Nu Black and African & Afro-Diaspora Art Talks (AADAT), Live Unchained continues today with 5 more amazing artists of different genres, from different parts of the world. We hope you’ll spread the word about these talented women […]

Tuesday 07 February, 2012

When did you fall in love with punk?: Noah Sow on Afropunk Chanson, Freedom and Living Your Truth

You can bet there will always be a million pigeonholes people can’t wait to stuff you inside. As a black woman in the punk music scene, Noah Sow of Noiseaux, flips the bird to each and every one. When asked how it feels to be black, German and doing punk music, Noah replied: “I’m educated […]