Incorporated in 2009 by Kathryn Buford, Live Unchained was born out of the desire to preserve, share and honor the diverse voices and experiences of black women across continents through our creative takes on art and life. We feature innovative works by black female artists in various disciplines and genres to create dialogue around questions of freedom, women’s empowerment and solidarity across the African diaspora.

Through our virtual presence, media and events we produce and share interactive, thought-provoking, creative content and experiences for an international audience of art lovers. We create media products, like our developing online magazine, that serve as platforms for artists across the African diaspora to showcase their works and share their personal thoughts on a range of topics from romantic love to pan-Africanism, sexism, artistic growth, creative entrepreneurship, pop culture, personal growth, spirituality, feminism, post-colonialism, and many others.

Our events, including exhibitions, film screenings, conferences and social networking parties, bring the Live Unchained community and artwork to life, allowing artists to connect with leading creatives in the industry, have fun and discuss matters important to women and international black communities.

Live Unchained also provides creative consultation, cultural programs, content and event services to universities, corporations and various organizations that develop initiatives and programming concerning women, professional development, youth, art, international issues and social change. If you represent a business or organization seeking assistance with a cultural project, let’s connect. Contact Founder, Kathryn Buford at kathryn@liveunchained.com.


The four branches of Live Unchained include:

Collaborative online events

Curated social media pages featuring contemporary and inspirational art

Public interviews with creatives on social media outlets

Digital Magazine

Print Magazine



Art Books

Art Workshops

Art Raves

Art Exhibits

Film Screenings

Concerts Festivals

Conventions & Conferences



Partnership with organizations that support people of African descent, women literacy and arts education

In the beginning…

Kathryn Buford and Miriam Moore developed the idea for Live Unchained as undergraduates at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The concept began as satirical collection of women’s arts critiquing the under-representation of women of African descent in popular art and media outlets. As Kathryn and Miriam grew, so did the vision for Live Unchained. Kathryn incorporated the company in 2009 and has since earned many awards and recognitions for its progress.