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Live Unchained TSB Cover
Saturday 30 March, 2013

GOOD Magazine Says: Live Unchained is a Powerful Platform for Female Artists in the African Diaspora

This article originally appeared in GOOD Magazine, March 29th, 2013. Women of African descent have consistently challenged limited understandings of blackness, femininity, sexuality, and nationality. Still—too often—dominant media representations of black women across the African diaspora do not reflect the diversity of our perspectives, experiences, and even nations we come from, and languages we speak. […]

Carolyn Cooper Timeline Header
Wednesday 20 March, 2013

Soundtrack of Survival: Dr. Carolyn Cooper Discusses Global Reggae & Jamaican Feminism

Maps lie; if they told the truth, the drawings would reflect Jamaica’s greatness. Noted Jamaican poet and cultural activist, Louise Bennett, called out the problem of Western cartography when she wrote: “Worl-map fi stop draw Jamaica small!…For de lickle speck cyaan show we independantness at all!” Building on Bennett’s critique, Dr. Carolyn Cooper‘s most recent […]

J'Nell Jordan Timeline Cover
Tuesday 05 March, 2013

Be Terrifying Anyway: J’Nell Jordan on Power, Integrity and the Freedom to be Awkward [VIDEO]

My conversation with J’Nell Jordan reminded me that a woman should never have to hide her power just to make others feel comfortable. J’Nell is the talented painter who contributed an original print of Warsan Shire to our “Terrifying, Strange & Beautiful” crowdfunding campaign. She believes in simply doing what you were meant to do, […]