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Altered Faith 920 x 350
Thursday 20 December, 2012

Full Circle: San Francisco Based Visual Artist J. Journey Jones on Rootlessness & Self-Discovery

Thought-provoking and visually stimulating, artist J. Journey Jones‘ work is a unique glimpse into the creative soul. A resident of San Francisco, Journey has received her Bachelor of Arts at Mills College and has trained under the tutelage of world renowned artists: accomplished British sculptor Anna Valentina Murch, Chinese-born painter Hung Liu and American ceramicist […]

Helping Hand
Wednesday 19 December, 2012

Mentorpreneurship in the Arts: Why reinvent the wheel? Roll with it. [VIDEO]

“Is there a glass ceiling for women of color in the arts?…And, either way, does it matter?” This question kicked off the first installment of the Women of Color in the Arts Creative Conversations series: For Colored Girls who Broke the Glass Ceiling when the Ladder Wasn’t Enuf. An engaging and thoughtful panel made up […]

Wednesday 12 December, 2012

Forward Thinking Fashion: Interview with Solange Knowles Featured Designer Autumn Adeigbo

Editress’ Note: Did you like the Solange Knowles “Losing You” music video (shot in Cape Town, South Africa) as much as we did? With the fun energy and modern-retro feel, I’d say the fashion was the glue that brought it all together. In this Imprints feature MsK NY speaks with Autumn Adeigbo, whose Spring 2013 […]

Akua Naru Large
Thursday 06 December, 2012

Her Journey Aflame: 5 Powerful Thoughts from International Hip Hop Artist Akua Naru

When I first heard “The Mo(u)rning” by Akua Naru with Drea d’Nur, I felt like the song was holding me in its arms. That was Akua doing what appears to come so effortlessly, giving voice to women’s interior lives in a way that is powerful, feminine and sincere. As she puts it: “We are so often […]