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Okoro - Cassie - 920x350
Friday 28 September, 2012

Body Paint: Visual Artist Dawn Okoro on Status, “Selfsploitation,” and Sexting

“Art chose me.” Inspiring words from artist Dawn Okoro, considering that she has a degree in psychology as well as a license to practice law attached to her name. Extremely talented and very intelligent, Dawn practices art out of a natural impulse to create. For Dawn, painting and drawing becomes very natural, almost like breathing. […]

Ava at Sundance
Thursday 27 September, 2012

Ava DuVernay and Emayatzy Corinealdi Howard University Talk on “Middle of Nowhere” [VIDEO]

The Live Unchained crew had a wonderful time at Howard University yesterday learning the origin stories of Middle of Nowhere director and lead actress Ava DuVernay and Emayatzy Corinealdi. We’ll be following up with you soon to share everything that helped us think deeper about what it means for all of us to Live Unchained […]

Middle of Nowhere Still
Saturday 22 September, 2012

Ava DuVernay Talk on Award Winning Film, Middle of Nowhere

Live Unchained is partnering with Howard University Radio-TV-Film Department to host Middle of Nowhere Director, Ava DuVernay with lead actress Emayatzy Corinealdi. Ava became the first African American woman to win Best Director at Sundance Film Festival for this film. Come see the presentation and question and answer session in person – Wednesday, September 26th 2:00pm-4:00pm […]

Friday 21 September, 2012

The Other Side of the Magic: Brazilian Graffiti Artist Ananda Nahu Revives the Fierce Female

Funky, fierce, and fabulous – three words I use to describe Brazilian graffiti artist Ananda Nahu‘s take on everything from soul singing icon Nina Simone to empowering black activist Angela Davis. Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Ananda’s vibrant pieces are carefully crafted designs that reflect the sultry colors and contagious beat of her culture. Painting […]

Company profile FI
Tuesday 18 September, 2012

Make Daydreams Come True: Filmmaker Nikki Roberts on Cannes Acclaim And Diversifying the Industry

Dreams are dangerous; some people go to great lengths to protect themselves and their loved ones from their visions. Whenever you dream of your fantasy job, partner, or vacation, do you rudely bring yourself back to reality by saying (or maybe even demanding), “Life isn’t like the movies”? Well, what if we have if we […]

Marshall - Big Web - 920x350
Wednesday 12 September, 2012

Demystifying the Past: Cora Marshall on Spirituality, Heritage, & Re-Imagining Herstory

By turning inward and reflecting on past experiences, I always glean a spark of wisdom to shine the way for what lies ahead. But what happens when that past has been partially, if not completely, erased? For Washington D.C.-based artist Cora Marshall, the quest to rediscover herstory overflows into beautiful works of art. Centered in […]

Amel Larrieux Headshot
Tuesday 11 September, 2012

Amel Larrieux’s #9/11 Reflection

There were so many stories of tragedy 11 years ago today. Singer Amel Larrieux tweets about her experience on September 11, 2001 in New York. Horrified as the events unfolded, she remained calm to protect her children and reflects on what the experience and showed her about life. Today we remember all those that were […]

Loza Fashion Settin
Monday 10 September, 2012

Eclectic and Modern Designs for the Socially Conscious: Interview with Fashion Artist Loza Maléombho

Editress’ Note: We’re pleased to introduce Imprints, our new monthly feature profiling some of the most innovative Fashion Artists across the African continent. Imprints is curated by inspiring fashionista, MsK NY of the African Prints in Fashion Blog. This interview shares the work of Loza Maléombho, winner of Arise Magazine’s Emerging Designer of the Year […]