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Thursday 21 June, 2012

Power in Beauty: Daisy Giles’ Gallery Show Captures Black Women’s Complexity

Dear Live Unchained world, The time has finally arrived. My first solo gallery show – and it’s been a great success so far! I almost can’t believe it. The show is a portrait show. I have always loved to create portraits, expressing what I like to think is the true nature of my subjects, unfettered […]

Monday 18 June, 2012

“Queendom”: A Pan-African/Norwegian Arts Collective, A Sisterhood, A Mindset

Editress’ Note: I decided to get a little off-the-chain with this introduction to our Queendom interview. I invited one of the most inspiring and unchained cultural workers, I know, Jess Solomon, to write the intro as a siren song to women of African descent around the world making collaborative artwork like the Pan-African Norway-based music […]

Monday 11 June, 2012

Art is A Meditation: How Shantell Martin Does Less to Be More

Confusion is good to me; its a reminder that my mind is limited in what it, alone, can make sense of. Whatever you want to call that unnameable part of who we are–soul, intuition, higher power–it helps us understand our experiences on a deeper level than intellect. Since London-born and Brooklyn-based digital artist, Shantell Martin, […]