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Monday 28 May, 2012

These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New

There is no city like New York. The people, energy and opportunities, all intersect in a unique way there. For artist like Jaime Todd, there is something special about people’s common and spontaneous interactions as well as the urban landscape of the city.  From an unusual pink sky that shines through train windows to a […]

Wednesday 23 May, 2012

Art, Race, Context…And You?

The Saartjie Project’s upcoming discussion, “Let Them Eat Cake: Art, Race and Context?,” moves past shock over Makode Linde’s now infamous “Painful Cake” towards action and community dialogue. We’ve compiled some quotes and opinions on artistic freedom, racism, sexism, community, and international context. Take our poll below to share your perspective and continue the discussion […]

Tuesday 08 May, 2012

One Night in Brooklyn…The Diaspora Stood Up, Part 2

Are you ready to party?! Well, this isn’t just some quick thrill… Last month we introduced you to Esosa Edosomwan, creator of the next great house party film, One Night in Brooklyn. The party is fun, but not without drama. Young twentysomething’s from Ghana, Haiti, Ethiopia, Venezuela, Trinidad, the United States and more are faced […]