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Friday 30 December, 2011

New Year, Same Mission

We’d love to hear what living unchained means to you for 2012 and always.

Martin, Michel
Thursday 29 December, 2011

What Naysayers Do For Me: My Imaginary Talk With Michel Martin

Michel Martin is an accomplished journalist who hosts my favorite show on NPR, Tell Me More. Earlier this month, I dreamt she and I discussed haters. I used to listen to her show, a lot online (especially the Barbershop and Can I Just Tell You pieces), that aside, I can’t explain how or why I […]

Tuesday 27 December, 2011

Vote Live Unchained!

Monday 26 December, 2011

The Art that Binds: Idil Ibrahim on Film, Unity and Empowering Somalia

Artists have restless minds. For many of us, it’s not enough for us to know what goes on behind the scenes of a film, but also what it arouses in the audience. The fear of not having our vision received the way we’d like stops many of us from continuing, or worse, even beginning our […]

Monday 12 December, 2011

Without Approval, Applause or Understanding: What Your Vote Means to Me

I’m proud to tell our loyal, encouraging and artsy readers that Live Unchained recently won a fellowship to participate in a media entrepreneurship boot-camp with Unity Journalists of Color in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now begins the second phase of the program, a competition for $10,000 in seed money. We would be eternally grateful for your […]