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What the f***!
Monday 31 October, 2011

Greater Virtues: Peju Alatise on Women, Art and Real Freedom

Of her least satisfying work, Peju Alatise has said: “Nobody will ever see it. I’ll pour white paint on it and start over. So that does not exist.” The paintings, writings and sculptures that did make the cut illustrate ideas of love, femininity and religion. Most importantly, Peju’s art reflects her own lived experiences. When […]

Wednesday 12 October, 2011

Men, Art & Love: For Fellas that Live Unchained

People have often asked me how men fit in with Live Unchained. Now, some people ask about it with a condescending, judgmental tone. Those folks will have to figure out the answer (and why they would come at someone like that) on their own ;).  But, there are others who I know are asking from […]

Tuesday 04 October, 2011

She Got the Rhythm!: Juliyaa’s Take on Music and Femininity

Rooted in African rhythms, layered with  soul vocals and the high energy of UK urban music, Juliyaa effortlessly combines different genres in to a sound she calls ‘Rhythmic Soul’. She was raised listening to her mother’s traditional Ghanaian gospel and hi life, and her father’s classic vinyl collection of soul and reggae artists like Bob […]