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Minna Salami
Wednesday 31 August, 2011

Black Feminism, International and Unchained: A Talk w/ Ms. Afropolitan, Part I

For Minna Salami feminism sparked a revolution within, meaning the end of many illusions. Namely, the illusion that anything would be handed to us in terms of respect and empowerment in a world that denied our worth, diversity and complexity as women of African descent; black women’s respect and empowerment ought to be created and […]

Monday 29 August, 2011

The Good Life According to Design: A Talk with Digital Artist and Creator of Bon Bon Vie, Shari Neal

Shari Neal is making the big leap, and her art is moving her forward. A front-end web developer at an advertising agency, she recently resigned to run her graphic t-shirt company, Bon Bon Vie, full time. Shari is a “self-proclaimed t-shirt addict, web developer and sometimes art director/designer … after she realized that she could […]

Tuesday 23 August, 2011

New Technology, New Artistic Opportunities: Bring Live Unchained to SXSW!

We’re teaming up with two community minded tech experts, Kristen Nicole and Wayne Sutton, to discuss the importance of black women’s representation in the on- and offline art world and propose new technology for connecting the international black arts community. We want to bring our panel “Art, Technology and Representation: Empowering Women of the African […]

Monday 22 August, 2011

Project Media Muse Complete: Get your free “unchained” PDF!

Much thanks to everyone who participated in our latest creative collab project, “Media Muse.” We asked you all to show up online via Twitter, Facebook and, here, on our blog, to tell us how you would finish this sentence: “You’re unchained when…” We then invited some of our favorite illustrators, cartoonists and designers to create […]

Monday 01 August, 2011

The “Work” in Artwork: Kesha Bruce on Entrepreneurial Artistry

Building an artistic career is not just about conquering your inner-critic, releasing your inhibitions and allowing the expression to come forth; we also need to hone our craft and develop our brand. So, for some of us, accepting this process means relaxing away from the idea that business-like thought, action or strategy makes our art […]