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Tuesday 31 May, 2011

You’re unchained when…/#youreunchainedwhen

Well, how would you finish this statement? You’re unchained when…. We’d love to hear from you. Tell us by posting a comment below this post. Also, follow us on Twitter using the hashtag: #youreunchainedwhen to share. We’ll be tweeting your insights all day. The conversation has already started on Twitter and we’re thrilled that you […]

Friday 27 May, 2011

“The Call to Create”: Sam Kessie on Artistry & Empowering Oppressed Youth Through Film

–DONATION LINKS @ BOTTOM OF POST– Guest Post by Sam Kessie of Tomorrow’s Kaleidoscope of Artists Foundation (TKAF) I’ve told people from time to time that it’s taken me quite a long time to finally accept and proudly call myself an artist. For the last 6 years, I have had to figure out if I was really […]

Tuesday 24 May, 2011

Ain HD: Write to the Core

Born in Cashville, raised in Motown, resting in Black Hollywood, Ain HD (Ain Heath Drew) considers herself a writer with a passion for “poetry, African-American literature, children’s stories, music, revolution, experimental fiction, thrift store hopping, and all things artsy”–not to mention tattoo collecting. Ain has been featured in PoetTree Magazine and the Kankazine. Her work […]

Monday 23 May, 2011

The Future is Here

“We have just begun…so get out of the way…we carry the sun…whoa oh oh oh ohh…the future is here…” Ty Bello is representing Nigeria well. Love the aesthetic. Love this song.

Thursday 19 May, 2011

The Illustrated Guide to Epic Fulfillment

Great people don’t make amazing projects, amazing projects make great people. I’ve known that somewhat for a while, but now it’s clicked. Here’s how I put two and two together… I’ve been doing more self-reflection, readings on personal growth and journaling. Osho’s article on restlessness really resonated with me, especially his description of life’s drama. It’s […]