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Monday 29 March, 2010

Poets Are Leaders

I guess it’s funny that I feel more comfortable calling myself a leader than an artist. I came across this poem by Maya Angelou and realized that you can’t be a poet without being a leader. A Conceit Give me your hand Make room for me to lead and follow you beyond this rage of […]

Tuesday 16 March, 2010

Thoughts From One of Our Readers

Writing in cyberspace, it’s easy to forget that your words are available to the world. We recently reached out to one of our regular followers and learned that we were receiving much love from Brazil. We decided to show our gratitude to “fejapimienta” and learn what his name meant, how he found our blog and […]

Wednesday 10 March, 2010

Happy Black Girl Day!

Today is UNIVERSAL Happy Black Girl Day! Founder Sister Toldja says: “National is not big enough. International is for chumps. We are interplanetary, baby.” We want to thank the Beautiful Struggler, herself, for naming this wonderful day. Of course, we do not need a holiday to celebrate ourselves. But, just like that special someone’s birthday, […]

Monday 08 March, 2010

A Taste of Freedom, A Taste of Love–This poem is yours!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our potluck poem. We are so grateful and so full. Everyone’s words on freedom were inspiring and made us proud to be a part of Live Unchained. We are also happy that some of you were motivated to share more than the 1 to 2 lines we suggested. Unfortunately, […]

Wednesday 03 March, 2010

About The Editresses

In light of all the interviews that we have done, some folks were surprised that Kathryn and I had not shared more about ourselves. So, we finally decided to interview each other. Here, Kathryn and I discuss our backgrounds, current work, and of course, what living unchained means to us. KATHRYN BUFORD You are studying […]